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Quality Assurance & Health & Safety Director

Christoph is a strong, result oriented, profit and quality focused manager, combining in-depth university education and hands-on operational experience with excellent interpersonal and people skills as well as sound analytical and strategic planning expertise.

He specialises in identifying, implementing, managing and controlling relevant Key Performance Indicators, change management and continuous improvement. He has a keen interest in developing people and help team members to achieve their potential.

Following an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry in Germany, Christoph studied in Germany and Australia and holds a Bachelor and a Masters Degree in Hotel Management / Economics. Christoph worked on continuous improvement projects for a leading hotel company, as well as finding time to set up and manage an online forum for housekeeping professionals. He worked in the industry as a Housekeeping Manager and was part of the opening team behind one of the biggest hotels in Europe. Before joining Omni Facilities Management, Christoph worked for the Edge Hotel School as Vice Principal.

Christoph has a keen interest in performance measurement and performance management and is involved in the London branch of the Institute of Hospitality as an Education Officer. He is also a member of the editorial board of ‘Hospitality Magazine’.

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