Our experienced workforce are our most valuable single asset, coming from diverse backgrounds nationally and internationally.

Our management teams have extensive knowledge and expertise in hospitality, operations and financial management, with many having spent their entire careers working in and with hotels both nationally and internationally. Our nationwide workforce are recognised as the company’s most valuable single asset and we strive to ensure that our team members are developed, supported and encouraged to meet their full potential.



Andrew Burnell
Area Manager South East
Anna Zelakiewicz
Cluster Manager Northern Ireland
Julia Dogadko
Regional Director - Operations London
Ingrid Catlea
Area Manager London
Ignacio Molina
Area Manager The South
Zita Vinter
Area Manager Scotland
Elana Stephanou
Area Manager London
Aliaksei Yahorau
Area Manager The North
Gosia Nawara
Area Manager South East
Gianina Ungureanu
Area Manager London
Iwona Krasnopolska
Area Manager M4 Corridor
Fredy Tirado
Area Manager London
Edward suszek
kitchen area Manager
Andrea Dantis
Area Manager Midlands


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Our business is built on four simple principles:

Value, Quality, Reliability, and Transparency.


With more than 5,000 employees and

servicing over 8,000,000 rooms each year.


Our experienced management teams have

extensive knowledge and expertise.