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Singapore – Software Recruitment


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Software Recruitment

We are proud to lead the way towards an advanced, technology-driven model for truly effective people management, including HR, attendance, and time tracking.


Our industry-leading solution software capability harnesses the power and potential of technology to speed up recruitment for hospitality establishments.


Leveraging smartphones and the latest biometric facial recognition technology, our innovative systems take the hassle out of housekeeping management, time and attendance, and payroll coordination. In the process, clients enjoy greater transparency and insight into workforce productivity, alongside improved time management.


HR and Time & Attendance – iWorkForce

iWorkForce is a fully integrated solution that has the flexibility to link to existing company systems, as well as provide an end-to-end solution. It is scalable to fit the needs of an organisation, helping clients exceed targets, guarantee HR compliance, and make outdated workforce administration an unnecessary step for their business.


Housekeeping Management – Triton HK

Triton HK automates and simplifies numerous time-consuming housekeeping tasks, for example, setting the room cleaning sequence, providing attendants with guest preference information, updating the rooms status in the PMS, etc. This unique software reduces paper consumption and virtually eliminates hundreds of phone calls between the housekeeping desk, floor staff and front office.

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Singapore – Marble Restoration


Omni Singapore

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Using a mix of traditional techniques and modern equipment, our team handle the restoration, maintenance and cleaning services for marble, granite, limestone, and all natural stone surfaces.

marble-restorationOur Process

Our unrivalled expertise means that we are familiar with standard maintenance procedures and with the specialised techniques used to polish stone floors.

The marble restoration and maintenance process initially involves a deep clean with a combination of a rotary cleaning machines and ‘by hand’ cleaning in the hard-to-access areas. This is followed by using the latest technology diamond resurfacing through a graduated range of abrasive pads that slowly skim off the top surface of the marble. This process is commonly known as marble grinding or honing, and starts with a coarse grit pad that erases surface scratches, some stains, and other forms of surface damage.


We then progress through the finer grades, honing the fresh marble surface with a finer abrasive pad to create a perfectly smooth finish. At this stage, there is a sheen to the surface of the marble which can be left at this level and sealed or impregnated. If a deep polish finish is required, various polishing techniques can be used to achieve a mirror finish. It is this final marble polishing technique that quickly restores the original glossy appearance and enhances the natural colour to the marble.

Our Values

With a thorough and conscientious approach to work, we focus on quality and value throughout all of our specialist marble services. We strive for invisible repairs wherever possible.

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Common problems and recommended treatments

Stun marks

Caused by sharp impact on the stone surface, ladies’ high heeled shoes are the most common cause of stun marks. These marks are sometimes very deep in the stone. Grinding with diamond abrasives can remove or improve some, but if not, replacement of the damaged stone is the only alternative. Deep scratches can usually be repaired by resurfacing with medium to coarse grit diamond abrasives.


Spalling is a condition in which piece of stone has broken leaving a chip or hole in the face of the stone. These can be repaired by filling with a polyester, epoxy or cement based filler material coloured to match the stone. The affected area must be resurfaced after filling to level the filler material to the stone surface. Replacing the stones is another, but more costly, alternative.


In most cases, staining can be remedied by a process known as ‘poulticing’. The appropriate poultice for the stain is prepared and placed on the stain and allowed to dry. As it dries, it draws the stain out of the stone. If this method doesn’t work, ‘honing’ (grinding) the surface down to a fresh layer of stone and then re- polishing may be needed to remove the stain. 


It may be possible to repair cracks by filling them with a suitable filler material. Very large cracks, or very small hairline cracks, cannot generally be filled and the only alternative is replacement.


Lippage or uneven tiles must be ground down or beveled to alleviate the problem. This is done by grinding with coarse grit diamond or abrasive stones.


Etching is a dull area on a stone caused by spills of acidic products such as citrus juice, vinegar, soft drinks, etc. If the etching is very light, it can possibly be repaired by polishing the area with a polishing powder. Heavy etching must be repaired by resurfacing the area with diamond abrasives.

Singapore – Hotel Cleaning Services



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We provide a range of complete housekeeping services solutions for a growing number of well-known, luxury hotel brands in Singapore.

Hotel service. female housekeeping worker maid making bed with bedclothes at inn room


Our Values

Our focus on value and quality is second to none, and our unrivalled level of service in hotel cleaning services ensures that we remain an industry leader the world over. Our dedicated and passionate teams means that we excel time and time again, delivering the very best service and hotel cleaning solutions for our clients.



Our Clients

Thanks to our conscientious approach and high level service offerings, we are leading the way in Singapore’s highly competitive hospitality industry. We partner closely with each and every client, seek out their feedback, and act on their observations. Our agile mindset helps our clients benefit from their extra capacity and unlock their hidden potential.

Earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is of utmost importance to us, and as part of this process, we consistently seek out and act upon vital client performance feedback. Moreover, our commitment to a transparent and efficient delivery of service is absolute and throughout every engagement, our core values to quality is never compromised.

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Omni Facilities Management starts partnership with Free2Learn

Omni Facilities Management starts partnership with Free2Learn

Omni Facilities Management Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership with Free2Learn promoting a career in housekeeping to young people. “There are career opportunities in the housekeeping industry that people are not aware of, especially in the world of outsourced service solutions. Working with Free2Learn allows us to make these opportunities available to talented people” says Edward Murray, CEO of Omni Facilities Management.

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Omni Facilities Management sponsor of Student Learning and Development Forum

Omni Facilities Management sponsor of Student Learning and Development Forum

Omni Facilities Management Ltd is pleased to be the sponsor of the 9th Student Learning and Development Forum organised by the Institute of Hospitality London Branch. Monica Or, Founder of Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy, highlights “As Chairman for the Institute of Hospitality London Branch, I am delighted to be running our 9th Annual Student Learning and Development Forum which brings together hospitality students and industry employers. This event gives an opportunity for students across the UK to meet and learn from the experiences of our industry employers. This year’s theme is “How to become a Hospitality Entrepreneur”. I would like to extend our thanks to Omni Facilities Management for sponsoring this event.”

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University of West London guest lectures

University of West London guest lectures

Omni Facilities management is pleased to announce a series of guest lectures to students of the University of West London in November 2014. “Usually students think of housekeeping as ‘making beds’, however in the context of outsourced housekeeping services it is way more interesting than that!” says Christoph Hoffmann, Omni’s Quality Assurance Manager, who will run the guest lectures on performance measures in housekeeping. In his lectures to first, second and final year students studying Hotel Accommodation Operations, Hotel Accommodation Management, International Human Resources Management, Strategic Facilities Management, Rooms Management, Strategic Financial Management and Human Resources Management, he will talk about how Key Performance Indicators are used to understand work processes better, change employee behaviour and drive quality and performance.

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From Classroom to Boardroom

From Classroom to Boardroom

Omni Facilities management is pleased to announce that we are joining the ‘From Classroom to Boardroom’ event organised by the Institute of Hospitality, Sheffield Hallam University and Leeds Becket University.  The event will take place on 22.10.2014 in the Albert Room, Leeds Townhall.  The eventful day will start with an opening session facilitated by Peter Ducker, CEO of the Institute of Hospitality, students then will have the opportunity to meet industry representatives to engage in conversations about careers in the hospitality industry.

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