The report has been compiled from our data as on 5th April 2018 when our workforce consisted of 2540 women and 828 men. The figures show that our organisation has a mean gender pay gap of 1.1% and a median gender pay gap of 0%.

In common with the hospitality industry as a whole, there is a discrepancy in our figures due to a statistical skew produced by the ratio of male to female employees. We tend to have more female employees which is indicative of the industry, more specifically within the housekeeping sector, and it is this predominance of females that is partly responsible for the reported gap.

We are pleased to note that our organisation has a mean gender pay gap of 1.1% which compares extremely well to UK’s mean gender pay gap of 14.3%. 

We also note that the percentage of male team members receiving a bonus is at 11.8% compared to 24.2% of female team members receiving a bonus. The mean gender pay gap in bonus pay is 27.9% and the median gender pay gap in bonus pay is 5.7% which again compares favourably to UK’s gender bonus pay gap.

Our Gender Pay Gap reflects the average paid to men and women across our business and is not a comparison of pay rates for men and women doing work of equal value. 

We aim to ensure that there is no bias towards either gender from the point of recruitment right through to salary conversations and progression opportunities. 

Gender pay gap (mean and median)

Bonus Summary

Quartile Summary 

I confirm the calculations are accurate and meet the requirements of the legislation.

Edward Murray

Chief Executive Officer

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