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Hotel Cleaning Services

With over 30 years of housekeeping experience, the founding division of the Omni group specialises in the provision of fully managed outsourced hotel cleaning solutions and is widely recognised as a market leader in this area.

From the beginning, we’ve worked tirelessly on our workflows, refined our procedures, and expanded the scope of our entire offering. Cleaning over 6,500,000 bedrooms in the UK & Ireland in 2014 alone, our aim is to ensure that our clients enjoy a consistent, high quality level of service that makes a measurable impact on their business.

We expect candidates to work with a professional attitude and be proactive with their responsibilities to ensure they deliver housekeeping services to an incredibly high standard. Whether the placement is short or long term, each potential candidate is subject to a rigorous interview and thorough reference checking before being offered a position. All candidates go through a detailed work induction and training.

Earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is of utmost importance to us, and as part of this process, we consistently seek out and act upon vital client performance feedback. Moreover, our commitment to a transparent and efficient delivery of service is absolute and throughout every engagement, our core values to quality is never compromised.


Accident Reporting and Preventative Health and Safety

Stringent Health and Safety adherence and established incident protocols guarantee industry standard levels of preparation.


Disability-Friendly Services

Special arrangements for guests with mobility needs, transport requirements and more, all upon request.


Emergencies, Injuries and First Aid

Staff are fully trained and proficient in First Aid techniques and equipment, in the event of an injury
or sudden illness.


Guest Room Servicing

Guest room upkeep to the very highest standards – maintaining bed linen, hygiene and crockery
with expert care and attention.


Janitorial Services

Hallways, stairwells, receptions and public spaces – all professionally cleaned to schedule and
within budget.


Linen and Laundry Services

All staff are proficient in Health & Hygiene standards, providing spotless, professionally cleaned
linen and laundry every time.


Security and Public Area Management

Manned security, reception, and contingency plans – all in the hands of guards and staff
possessing years of expertise.


Total Operational Management

End-to-end ownership and coordination of every aspect of running hospitality and catering

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