Key Specialisms and Strengths


Our experience, commitment to quality and use of technology differentiates us from other service providers.


Focused on Hotels

We remain solely dedicated to working with our hotel clients and have taken a conscious strategic decision, not to expand into service provision for offices, commercial premises, hospitals, airports etc. This allows us to remain a specialist in the hotel sector and provide our clients with dedicated services and staff that are appropriate for their needs.

Ethical Working

We do not engage in any unethical or illegal methods of working such as paying staff by the room cleaned or using self-employed workers. We pride ourselves on working both ethically and legally.

Over 30 Years of Housekeeping Experience

We have always sought to promote and develop our team members from within Omni. To date, 100% of our Operational Team and over 50% of our Board of Directors are ex-housekeepers. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their needs are being dealt with by experienced staff who understand housekeeping and the various challenges that can arise on a day-to-day basis. With significant experience and longevity within the industry, we provide our clients with sustainable structures and pricing, as well as guidance and feedback on how to address challenges encountered on the ground.


We pride ourselves on being transparent and clear at all levels, whether in our pricing structure, recruitment omni-services-Revenue-Managersprocesses, or the way in which we administer each contract. Our provision of client and staff access using our internal ‘iWorkForce’ system is a testament to this, as well as our participation in regular client and third party process audits.

Client Engagement

We work proactively to engage with our clients and ensure that their needs are being met on an on­going basis. This engagement extends to the most senior levels within the organisation allowing clients to directly contact Omni’s Chairman, CEO and Executive Board.

Use of Technology

iWorkForce, is our own HR, Time & Attendance and Quality Management system that helps to support and manage our service delivery streams. So that we may further improve our operations, we have partnered with Knowcross Solutions, a leading provider of housekeeping, guest experience and property maintenance software. This provides our clients with previously unrealised savings and efficiencies. We have most recently supported the implementation of the Knowcross Triton system at Hilton DoubleTree by Hilton Tower of London, Holiday Inn London Heathrow M4J4, and at our company­-owned hotel, the Express by Holiday Inn Doncaster.

Quality Focus

In 2014, Omni created a new management position to oversee the development of training processes, in addition to helping manage and improve service quality. The position of Health & Safety & Quality Assurance Director works towards ensuring consistent high standards across Omni client sites, with tailored training programmes and measurable quality benchmarks.

Long-Term Partnership

We have always taken a long-­term view over any short­-term gain and this is often reflected in our client engagement. Viewing each contract as a partnership, the vast majority of our current clients have worked with Omni for an average of eight years.

National & International Presence

Omni operates nationally across the UK & Northern Ireland and internationally in Singapore. Unlike other service providers we relish the challenge of working in hard to reach locations. Our strong presence allows us to attract high calibre staff for our clients, as well as our own operations. The scale of our operations also provides our staff with a number of opportunities for career progression and on­going professional development.

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