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We are continuously committed to attracting new talent into the housekeeping industry and our business, and are always looking to welcome new staff into the Omni fold.

omni-services-General-ManagersIn our drive to draw, develop, and retain the very best workforce, we strive to fulfil all the promises set out in our mission statement and remain committed to constantly reviewing the high quality services we provide to our growing base of clients.


As part of our recruitment and training process, all potential recruits undergo a series of assessments and training to include:


  • A rigorous telephone interview to make sure that their English is of a sufficiently good standard before being invited for a face to face interview at our offices.
  • A rigorous interview and thorough reference checking.
  • Training and proficiency in Health & Hygiene, Health and Safety.
  • Training in plate waiter and silver service waiter skills.


We also cover the following training in our daily course:


  • Health and Hygiene training.
  • Health and Safety training.
  • Procedural requirements for managing food allergies.
  • Waiter training (banqueting service, breakfast service).
  • Wine waiter training.
  • Silver service training.

For temporary bookings we will, where possible, send candidates who have previously worked with our clients and ensure that we confirm their details 24 hours prior to the start of the booking. All candidates wear an Omni approved uniform and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their booking.





Feedback is critical to our long-term success so we actively promote a culture of three-way feedback from our candidates and our clients regarding our performance. We will always seek feedback after each booking and will never rebook staff that were deemed to have been unsuitable to the client environment to which they were assigned.


So that our high standards are promoted across the board, we have recently started to raise the Health & Safety awareness of our on-site team members by inviting Head Housekeepers, Contract Managers and Assistants to complete an online course titled Introduction to Workplace Health & Safety developed by the British Safety Council. This is to ensure that we are delivering a consistent, excellent service from our senior teams to our most newest of recruits.


With combined industry experience of over 50 years, delivering outstanding service is our passion and comes as second nature to all of us. We provide quality and value which we aim to deliver consistently and without compromise, and look forward to continuing with our delivery of high quality and excellence for many more years to come.

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