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Back of House Recruitment

In addition to the provision of specialist catering staff, we also supply experienced back of house team members for a range of high quality roles.

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Our Services

Back of house staff work in kitchen areas of a restaurant, generally behind the scenes, with each individual playing a vital role in delivering world class service and allowing the business to function seamlessly.


With a thorough and conscientious approach to work, we focus on quality and value throughout all of our back of house placements. Recruitment within this service covers a large scope of exciting job openings and work opportunities.


Our Staff

Back of house placements can include, but are not limited to:


  • Supervisors
  • Food preparation workers
  • Kitchen Porters & Stewards
  • Head chefs
  • Sous chefs
  • Chef de partie
  • Commis chefs
  • Breakfast chefs
  • Back of House supervisors

As with all Omni employees, all of our back of house staff – both permanent and temporary – are vetted, referenced, and fully trained. Every team member undergoes thorough training in health and hygiene, and becomes proficient in health and safety skills training.


With a strong focus on quality in everything that we do, we are committed in our work to provide high level staffing and excellent service solutions to our clients. We are confident in our excellent service delivery, and provide quality and value which we aim to deliver consistently and without compromise.

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