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We understand the importance of finding high quality people which is why we have a dedicated support team of experienced consultants responsible for recruiting catering, warehouse, back of house staff and other job types for our growing and diverse client base.


Our Staff

We work closely with clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure that the staff we provide are sufficiently well trained and possess the requisite experience to deliver the service. As standard, all candidates undergo a face-to-face interview with us and are required to pass all interview screening processes, checks and aptitude tests. We also go to additional lengths to obtain details regarding their previous relevant experience to build up a profile to enable suitable matching.


It is our aim to listen closely to our clients’ needs and profile match them with the very best candidates for the job. Typical permanent and temporary placements include:


    • Front office staff
    • Front of house staff
    • Back of house staff
    • Catering and kitchen staff
    • Porters
    • Security
    • Warehouse


Our Value

Working with over 160 clients around London and Heathrow, we have been delivering excellence for 8 years with 30% of our contracts having been with us for 6 years or more.

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