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iWorkForce is Omni’s cutting-edge software solution for housekeeping administration. Leveraging technology and decades of experience, it is designed to make every aspect of workforce administration quicker and easier.

As an invaluable and wholly bespoke solution, iWorkforce manages people, training, payment, and quality of the business using sophisticated research iWorkForceand technology that makes us stand out from our competitors.


  • With an accurate online system, tracking time and attendance is revolutionised as manual timesheets become a thing of the past.
  • Utilise iWorkForce as a secure and robust repository for documents and records.
  • Payroll HMRC-compliant system linkages mean no re-entry of employee records and timesheets.
  • Management-level users benefit from reports on performance metrics, tailored to specific business requirements and targets.

Scalable to a variety of organisational sizes and structures, iWorkForce provides a fully-automated clock to payroll solution at a fractional of the cost of other enterprise solutions, making the evaluation of an entire operation more trackable, more transparent, and easier to analyse.


Delivered to through Software as a Service (SaaS), iWorkForce provides clients with full transparency of labour costs, workforce productivity and compliance risk, all in a secure online environment. iWorkForce is available on the go or on computer browsers.

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