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Triton is the complete solution for straightforward and accurate automation of time consuming tasks.

Playing a key role as part of our industry-leading software package, Triton offers clients the benefits and savings associated with new technologies. As a cohesive whole, our digital capability makes for easier coordination of vital operations. This leaves any management team free to run their establishment their way.


  • Set up room cleaning sequences with ease.
  • Centrally manage housekeeping and maintenance tasks.
  • Store inspection checklists so that they are accessible for entire teams.
  • Provide attendants with guest preference information.
  • Coordinate rapid responses to urgent guest requests.
  • Provide real-time updates on room statuses.

Triton brings all these benefits, without jeopardising crucial accuracy, time-sensitive workflows, and the attention to detail needed for a successful business.

Triton helps all team members stay organised and updated. Paper consumption is drastically reduced, and the need for countless unnecessary phone calls between housekeeping, front desk and floor staff – to coordinate and organise tasks – is eliminated entirely.

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