Riaz Ladha

Chairman & CEO


As the founder of the group, Riaz is best described as a serial entrepreneur and self-made businessman with substantial experience of building, developing and growing businesses in the UK and further afield.

With excellent interpersonal skills, and as an outstanding communicator, strategist, and accomplished market leader in the UK outsourcing space, Riaz is experienced in driving profits and efficiencies through strict financial management and possesses athorough and extensive knowledge of the sectors in which they operate.

Part of Riaz’s role in recent years has been the expansion and development of our Software offering in addition to growing our UK and Dutch operations and the Omni business model into Singapore, with an initial focus on the luxury market, developing this subsidiary into a wholly self-sufficient and profitable company with a growing reputation for outstanding service and superior working methodologies.

As a self-confessed workaholic, Riaz has very keen interest in technology and how it has – and continues – to change the way we live our lives and do business.  Riaz created Omni Clean and iManageit as market leading and functional tools to drive quality and provide end to end transparency in real time.


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Our business is built on four simple principles:

Value, Quality, Reliability, and Transparency.


With more than 5,000 employees and

servicing over 8,000,000 rooms each year.


Our experienced management teams have

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