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OVER 40 years specialising in the provision of fully managed outsourced cleaning services

From the beginning, the Omni Group has worked tirelessly on its workflows, refined its procedures, and expanded the scope of all its service offerings. Servicing over 8,000,000 bedrooms in the UK & Ireland and Netherlands in 2018 alone, our aim is to ensure that our clients enjoy a consistent, high quality level of service that makes a measurable impact on their business.

our staff

We expect candidates to work with a professional attitude and be proactive with their responsibilities to ensure they deliver housekeeping services to an incredibly high standard. 
Whether the placement is short or long term, each potential candidate is subject to a rigorous interview and thorough reference checking before being offered a position. All candidates go through a detailed work induction and training.

our values

Earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is of utmost importance to us, and as part of this process, we consistently seek out and act upon vital client performance feedback.

Moreover, our commitment to a transparent and efficient delivery of service is absolute and throughout every engagement, our commitment to continuous quality improvement is never compromised.


With each division run by experienced, passionate professionals, our team is wholly committed to continued excellence and high quality service offerings from day one onwards.

Each service provision is individually tailored to suit our clients’ requirements. We’ve built our own ethos and success from the ground up, while maintaining our meticulously high standards of facilities management in the process.


A dedicated team of high calibre housekeeping professionals, provide guest room services that encompass, but are not limited to, the following:

Bedroom maintenance including the provision of clean linen, pillows, bedding, and blankets.
Bathroom upkeep including cleaning of the basin/shower/bath and, where applicable, replenishment of toiletries, towels, glassware, slippers, etc.
Checking and cleaning in-room entertainment including TV, DVD, radio, and music systems.
Maintenance Reporting of faulty in­ room equipment, furniture or fittings.
Ensuring guest rooms smell clean and fresh.

our values

With our core values of quality in mind, our conscientious and sustained collation of feedback and prompt issue rectification means that we can continue in our high standards of excellent guest room servicing.

Beyond these crucial factors, continuous improvement starts at the beginning of every team member’s time with us, and extends well beyond their initial induction. From detailed demonstrations of work practices, group and individual training sessions, to class-­based workshops and seminars, we are confident in our ability to both identify and provide what our team members need in order to progress further in their careers.

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linen management

Omni have developed a Linen Tracking Tool which is widely used in our fully outsourced contracts to monitor and control this critical cost centre. Using efficient and easy to navigate, user friendly technology, we pride ourselves in offering solutions which are fit for purpose.


Our attention is always in the detail, and we emphasise this through thorough staff training for all jobs, at every stage. All of our teams are proficient in health and hygiene standards, providing spotless, professionally cleaned linen and laundry, time and time again.

outsourced housekeeping

Our housekeeping services are tailor-made to a business’ specific requirements, with the provision of highly trained individuals who provide an outstanding level of customer care.

our values

Quality is at the heart of our work, with our employees always approaching tasks with a professional and proactive attitude. We supply staff to work in high quality roles in hotels across the UK.
With decades of collective experience to our name, our mission is to train employees to the highest of standards, allowing our clients to always reap the benefits. From consistently early attendance ahead of schedule, to Omni-approved uniforms at all times, our outsourced housekeeping teams go above and beyond the call of duty.

our staff

We carry out detailed and thorough reference checks, in addition to comprehensive staff training and development. We seek to obtain client feedback, which not only enables us to maintain high standards but also helps us improve our processes for future partnerships. The long-lasting relationships we build with our clients are all enhanced by the honesty and transparency of our service provision.

As an industry leader in our sector we understand the importance of engaging high quality and enthusiastic individuals who will help move an organisation forward and we remain committed to recruiting and developing people who share our common, shared values.

As the Divisional Director for RedefineBDL managed, Crowne Plaza branded hotels, I expect high standards of housekeeping from our housekeeping service partner…
Redefine BDL logo
Running a large and busy airport hotel often provides sudden changes in our requirements. We therefore expect total flexibility and a rapid response to any day-to-day challenges that may arise. Omni have always managed and continue to rise to that challenge.
Omni has provided Hilton Manchester Deansgate with an impeccable service which we’ve always found to meet the high standards of such an iconic establishment as ours. I’d highly recommend Omni for a fully comprehensive service package that’s second to none.
Choosing to partner with Omni has removed many of the challenges associated with managing a highly transient and key department in my hotels. The service, management and support staff are all trained to a very high standard, are always punctual and responsive and are equipped to ensure that our key performance indicators are met and exceeded.


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Our business is built on four simple principles:

Value, Quality, Reliability, and Transparency.


With more than 5,000 employees and

servicing over 8,000,000 rooms each year.


Our experienced management teams have

extensive knowledge and expertise.