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DoubleTree Tower Of London Awarded Health & Safety Team Of 2019

We are proud to have announce that we have awarded the Housekeeping Department at DoubleTree Tower of London the Health and Safety Team of 2019.

The team have had a great year in terms of health and safety performance including receiving a score of 100% on their health and safety review. They have also delivered exceptional health and safety training to their teams and reduced accidents by 66%.

Head Housekeeper, Daunette Erskine, is responsible for the department of 85 team members including a Deputy Housekeeper, Trainer, Office coordinator, Supervisors, Public Area cleaners, Porters and Room attendants. When asked how Daunette ensures everybody is working safely she said “We coach, monitor, guide and work alongside the team to do spot checks to ensure staff are following the correct procedures and working safely.”

The team also ensure that all aspects of safety are well communicated. Daunette says, “Each team member knows they can inform us at anytime if they need assistance or further training to ensure we are working safely.”

We asked Daunette how she manages health and safety in her department. She told us: “We use the Omni Health and Safety Management system which enables us to control risk specific to our site, we also plan all of our training delivery to staff and continually look to see where we can improve.”

Our Health and Safety Director Jade Voice said “We are very proud of the team at DoubleTree Tower of London for their safety performance in 2019. The whole team have worked together to ensure that health and safety is integrated into everything they do.”


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