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Supporting Greater Manchester Police During The Fight Against COVID 19 Pandemic.

Omni Facilities Management Ltd are delighted to be supporting greater Manchester Police during the fight against Covid 19 pandemic. the Omni housekeeping teams started work in march to assist the cleaning teams at the police stations across greater Manchester. providing additional cleaning and housekeeping services for the Police force.

OMNI housekeeping teams have been on hand to deliver additional cleaning requirements. The OMNI teams are cleaning stations, offices, and staff areas, supporting the current cleaning teams during challenging times.

“Our teams have been relocated from their normal working environments within the hospitality industry to deliver exceptional housekeeping and cleaning services in the fight against COVID 19. We are extremely proud of our teams across the UK, who are stepping up to support our Police Forces, the NHS and Key workers. With our client’s assistance and support, our team members felt more secure and continue to work very hard feeling proud and confident that each of their actions will continue to deliver a positive change.”


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